Banner System Access and Maintenance Forms

  • Chart of Accounts Maintenance Request Form - This form is used to request a new chart element (index/fund/organization/account), modify an existing chart element, or to terminate a chart element.

  • Index/FOP Access Form - This form lists all who will have finance access to, or be finance approvers for, each index.
    • NOTE:  Each Index/FOP Access Form submitted supersedes all previous forms; please ensure that all who will need access to, or be approvers for, each index are listed, and all required signatures obtained.
    • EVERY TIME an EVP, Academic Dean, Chair, Director, Department Head, or Principal Investigator who has financial oversight responsibilities for an index changes, a new Index/FOP Access Form is required to be submitted noting the change.
    • EVERY TIME an employee has access added/removed, changes roles, changes departments, leaves the college, or is no longer responsible for financial activity of an index, a new Index/FOP Access Form is required to be submitted noting the change.
  • Self-Service Banner (SSB) Authorization Request Form - This form is used to request access to be set up in a finance security role, which allows access to view and/or approve financial transactions for specific indexes.
    • NOTE:  An Index/FOP Access Form form for each index that the employee will require finance access to, or be a financial approver for, must be submitted with the SSB Form.  Otherwise, finance access will not be completed until the form is received.